Was Our Election A Product Of A Reality Show – Rally Cry Of Freedom

It would seem that the players are much more morally acceptable except that the Cabinet is all those people who got us into the situation with Obama’s Cabinet and helped put the Muslim Brotherhood in Charge of the Country for 8 Years.

What we saw play out over the election was part Reality Show, Part Soap Opera, Paid Bigotry, Political Gamesmanship, and totally financed by the Washington Establishment including but not limited to George Soros, ISIS, 911, and it’s hard to believe that China, and North Korea are not players in the Drama we are seeing.

If China and North Korea puts on a big show, we are panicked into larger Military Industrial Complex investments of our Tax Dollars.  We always have to have the most powerful Military.

Did they play on our Fears?  Yes.  Were the candidates running carefully vetted by powerful Interests?  Yes.  Did Bernie Sanders have the chance of a Snowball In Hell getting elected.  No.  Do they all believe in Globalism?  Yes.  Is anything in those regards going to change your life for the better?  That depends.

The Supreme Court?  well it could have a small impact on moving money from Planned Parenthood grants and investments into Military Spending and maybe some infrastructure giving Union Employees in the Heavy Equipment and associated jobs a boost.

China manufactures many of the components that go into Fighter Aircraft. So China and North Korea Sabre rattling only boosts their bottom line when we order new spares for our Military Hardware.

Instead of Rob Peter to Pay Paul, it’s a Scare Peter, to Rob American Tax Payers.